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Kai Kick Started at ForKids!

Kai’s favorite part of morning circle was the weather report. If we
forgot it, she would remind us. A good weather report for the day
was great news for Kai.

When Kai first came to ForKids, she struggled with letters and couldn’t write. She
and her sister Kelsey were being home schooled. As part of our supportive housing
program, Kai was assessed by our team using the PALS Phonological Literacy
screening and scored a two (compared to a benchmark of 28).
Concerned, ForKids Education Advocate Rico Robinson encouraged Kai’s mom to
enroll her in Kick Start, ForKids’ Kindergarten Readiness Program, over the summer and
in a Norfolk Public Schools kindergarten class in the fall.
Kai blossomed with the structure and enriched learning environment. By the time Kick
Start was over, she could name five colors, two shapes, start counting and write K-A-I

Thanks to Community Leadership Partners of
Hampton Roads Community Foundation and the
generosity of four field-of-interest funds: the
Brenda and Alan Stein Fund for Homeless and
Indigent, the Mary Jane Kunhardt Fund for the Benefit
of the Homeless of Tidewater, the Taylor Sisters
Library Fund, and the Community Fund for Health and
Human Services, Kick Start ForKids education staff
will also conduct pre and post assessments in order
to provide program evaluations necessary to raise
funding from other community partners and expand
to other areas in summers to come.


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