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Home for Christmas

Sofia is a United States veteran. Since serving her country, she has struggled with ongoing physical and mental issues. Eventually, Sophia became homeless and began living outdoors.
Fortunately, Sophia was recently connected to ForKids and entered our program providing supportive services to veterans and their families. Before long, we helped Sophia find an apartment that she could afford. But that good news was soon dampened when she learned that the apartment required renter’s insurance. For Sophia that was a deal breaker as she could not afford any additional expense.
Sofia’s case manager was determined that Sophia wouldn’t lose this opportunity to move into her own apartment and asked if anyone at ForKids knew of a way to help. Thirty minutes later ForKids received a grant from the Chisholm House Endowment Fund of the Southeast Virginia Community Foundation to support our crisis response program for veterans.
This award meant that ForKids could help with the renter’s insurance. Next week Sophia will move, just in time to spend the holidays safe and warm in a place she can call home.


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