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Volunteer Receptionist


Volunteer Receptionist

Volunteer Reports to: Volunteer Coordinator and/or Receptionist
Summary: The volunteer receptionist will assist in the operation of ForKids’ main office administration.
Volunteers will serve as the face of ForKids by answering incoming calls, connecting callers with hotline
or appropriate staff, accepting donations, and maintaining the cleanliness of ForKids’ reception area.
Essential Duties:
‐ Answering & transferring incoming calls
‐ Greeting incoming guests & clients
‐ Monitoring front door traffic
‐ Accepting in‐kind donations (tangible items, not money)
‐ Cleaning/tidying reception area
‐ Other essential duties associated with front desk reception as requested
‐ Volunteer receptionist DOES NOT accept money/payments in any form, and DOES NOT open or
deliver any mail
‐ Must complete and pass an online criminal background check through Verified Volunteers
(invitation sent via email upon completion of volunteer application)
‐ Present a business casual appearance and a friendly demeanor
‐ Be punctual and attend dates as scheduled
‐ Respect and maintain the boundaries and confidentiality requirements as instructed in
‐ Administrative experience desired, but not mandatory
Training & Supervision:
‐ Attend volunteer orientation
‐ On‐site training & supervision conducted by either Receptionist, Volunteer Coordinator, or
experienced volunteer
Time Commitment:
‐ Lunch shifts (12pm – 2pm)‐ minimum one day (2 hours) per week, for at least 3 months
‐ On‐call‐ shifts as needed & available anytime receptionist is out sick, on vacation, in meetings,
‐ Work experience in professional office environment, and with donors & homeless population
‐ Knowledge that you are contributing to the improvement of our community
‐ Meaningful connection ForKids’ staff
‐ Potential to earn Presidential Volunteer Service Awards (100+ hours of service)
We need you as the face of ForKids! Thank you for helping us to break the cycle of homelessness and
poverty for families in our community.


Volunteer Intake Specialist:
The volunteer intake specialist will assist in the intake screening and resource referral process for callers in crisis.
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Volunteer Receptionist:
The volunteer receptionist will assist in the operation of ForKids’ main office administration.
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Volunteer Beyond the Bell Tutor:
The volunteer tutor will assist in the operation of ForKids’ Beyond the Bell (formerly Hot Meals and Homework).
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Volunteer Retail Associate:
The volunteer retail associate will assist in the operation of ForKids’ thrift store, Good Mojo.
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For Volunteer Opportunities:
Jessi McFadden, Volunteer Coordinator
(757) 622-6400 x.137 or JM[email protected]


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