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Volunteer Retail Associate


Volunteer Retail Associate

Volunteer Reports to: Good Mojo staff
Summary: The volunteer retail associate will assist in the operation of ForKids’ thrift store, Good Mojo.
With new donations daily, volunteers help to sort, organize, and tag donations as well as hang clothing,
and arrange items on the sales floor. Volunteers can also help load and unload the Good Mojo truck and
ride along with the truck to pick up donations. Adopt‐a‐Spot associates select a store department of
their choosing and organize items in a marketable way to attract more sales, on a weekly or bi‐weekly
Essential Duties:
‐ Sorting and tagging new donations
‐ Hanging clothes and placing items out on sales floor
‐ Cleaning and organizing donation room
‐ Assisting with merchandising, like dressing mannequins or arranging window displays
‐ Other essential duties associated with store operations as requested
‐ Present a casual‐professional appearance and a friendly demeanor
‐ Retail experience a plus, but not mandatory
Training & Supervision:
‐ On‐site training & supervision conducted by Good Mojo staff or experienced volunteer
Time Commitment:
‐ Good Mojo is open Monday‐Saturday 10am‐6pm and Sunday from noon‐5pm. Individual
volunteers can come by and volunteer anytime within those hours without an appointment.
‐ Adopt‐a‐Spot retail associates are expected to maintain their chosen department a minimum of
once every 2 weeks (shifts can vary in time, depending on frequency)

‐ Work experience in retail environment, possibility of merchandising experience
‐ Knowledge that you are contributing to the improvement of our community
‐ Potential to earn Presidential Volunteer Service Awards (100+ hours of service)
‐ Volunteer discount! 10% earned for every hour served, can add up to 50% off one item.
Discount accumulates per shift, not over multiple days.

We could not run Good Mojo thrift store without you! All Good Mojo profits go directly to ForKids
programs and many donations provide valuable clothing and household essentials to those in our
programs. A small commitment of even a few


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Volunteer Retail Associate:
The volunteer retail associate will assist in the operation of ForKids’ thrift store, Good Mojo.
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For Volunteer Opportunities:
Jessi McFadden, Volunteer Coordinator
(757) 622-6400 x.137 or [email protected]


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