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Last year, ForKids provided housing services to 366 families.

At ForKids, we use a wide variety of housing solutions to assist homeless families depending on their needs, and our experience has taught us that simply housing our families is not enough; we must address the root causes of their homelessness in order to affect lasting change through targeted services. Families are assessed through our Regional Housing Crisis Hotline and then referred to shelter and housing services through an evolving coordinated assessment process that involves multiple cities. ForKids is scrupulous about meeting the requirements of our government funders (46% of our budget), yet we believe we are ultimately responsible to our families and the community. Our community contributions (49% of our budget) allow us to be courageous in meeting those responsibilities when funds might not otherwise be available.  

Homelessness is a complex and multifaceted issue.  To address the individualized needs of the families in our programs, ForKids offers a comprehensive model of assistance. Housing-focused case management, life skills training, job coaching, mental health services, children’s education programming and Good Mojo in-kind distribution are some of the services that we have found to be critical to the success of these families. A typical family at ForKids during FY16 received an average of 220 days of service, entering our emergency shelter program and moving through our rapid re-housing program to obtain permanent housing in the community.


Families in these programs are placed in housing as quickly as possible using rental assistance funded through various local, state and federal programs. ForKids uses a “Critical Time Intervention” model to stabilize families within the community over a period of approximately nine months. Our rapid re-housing programs worked with 172 families throughout Greater Hampton Roads.


ForKids provides emergency shelter for families in Norfolk at our Haven House emergency shelter. The families we serve at Haven House come from a situation of poverty and crisis, and many have experienced homelessness multiple times. Haven House Emergency Shelter currently operates at overflow capacity on a daily basis to shelter families who would otherwise sleep on the street. ForKids’ emergency shelter programs provided over 20,000 nights of emergency shelter to 150 families facing homelessness last year.


Families who need additional time to stabilize after shelter are placed in ForKids’s transitional housing programs, and families with a disability that prevent them from remaining stable without support services are placed in our permanent supportive housing. These families can stay in permanent supportive housing until the youngest child is 18 or has graduated from high school. ForKids provided supportive housing to 65 families last year.


ForKids serves veterans living in Norfolk through federally-funded homeless prevention and rapid re-housing programs. These services include case management, housing placement, emergency and rental assistance. Sixty-seven veterans and their families received assistance from ForKids in FY16.


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